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Boriz Billiards Brand New Beautiful Gray Color Ergonomic Design With Black Leather Pool Cue Stick for Pool Cue Lovers - 150

  • ✅ Boriz billiards Black Leather & Gray Color Designer Pool Cue Stick. Magnificent inlays of beautiful Gray & Black Color all over the smooth Cue Stick. The Billiards stick is decorated with amazing artistic design. The butt sleeve has artistic rings and patterns.

    ✅ PREMIUM MATERIALS - Get a confident look with quality that backs it up, made of premium hardwood.

    ✅ SLEEK DESIGN - Form meets function for these pool cues! Find the color to match your set with our chic and stylish.

    ✅ GREAT FOR ANY LEVEL - Know a professional pool player, or someone who's just getting started with their shooting skills? This short pool cue makes an excellent gift for anyone who's big on billiards!

    ✅ Ideal for all snooker, billiard and pool players.

    ✅ Boriz Pool Cue is made of high quality materials, including natural hardwood. 

    ✅ Enjoy class and style with timeless and elegant players with this cue.

    ✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY Protection Against Shaft Warping!

    ✅ Available in Multiple Weights.

    ✅ So Don't Wait – Order Your Boriz Billiards New Black Leather & Blue Color Ergonomic Designer Pool Cue Stick Today!